Your company is part of the digital world. Why choose and work with us? We help you to use technology. We believe that together we can do more.

Precond offers expertise for your purposes. We look to the future. You get fresh understanding how to grasp opportunities and create new.

We are a flexible and reliable partner. Our services adapt to your practices. Personal communication is natural part of our work. We take action and move your business consistently ahead.


We inspire you to increase web presence. We start with your targets. Our services run smoothly in the phase of your situation. You get fresh understanding how to explore opportunities.


We provide expertise in technology. Our focus is on practical solutions. We guide you with planning, design and production. When we take care of daily actions, you have more time for your own valuable customers.


Sharing information is the key. We have tools that enable personal communication.  Project flow is in our hands. You can receive new information, whenever it suits you the best.


We are technology partners, when your company needs new digital tools to improve business. We focus on learning your practices and business domain while building tools based on your ideas. Our purpose is to find solutions that are most practical and useful for your daily work.

Our development projects proceed in short and quick steps. We deliver new features in small iterations so that you can easily test them. We value active communication when working with you. As the end user you have the knowledge, what kind of tools best serve your company. Your feedback is valuable and helps us to work for your targets through the project from planning to delivery.

We always offer support, maintenance and further development for the online services we have built for you. We also provide reliable and cost efficient cloud solutions.


Our cloud solutions enable your company to use home pages and online services in a high-end infrastructure effortlessly. We offer cloud solutions based on Amazon Web Services, which is the leading provider of cloud platforms.

We maintain and monitor your online services. We keep them secure, up-to-date and available at all times. With a reasonable, fixed monthly price you get a highly reliable environment for your services, and without worries about hardware failures or software and security updates.


Juhana Räsänen

I’m responsible for sales and software development. My goal is always to develop systems that best serve the customer and end user needs. I have deep and diverse experience in developing business applications.

Tel +358 40 705 9986

Email juhana.rasanen@precond.fi

Silja Vatunen

I'm responsible for designing digital services in the company. Service design is an effective way to present customers needs and make them happen in the digital world.  I have experience in different tools like SWOT, persona, service path and map. I also use my visuality when implementing services.

Tel +358 40 501 8412

Email silja.vatunen@precond.fi