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Precond is a marketing and technology service company building new digital business. We are flexible and active partners working for your company’s targets through our development services.

Success comes from your way of doing business, and we help your company to create new customer experiences. We support your personnel for ideation in an encouraging atmosphere. This is an effective way to find practical solutions, as our recent research shows. Our goal is that your company can serve customers and communicate with them better.

We are your technology enablers when your company wants to build new network presence. We refine your ideas into online services so that your company can be more effective in the digital marketplace. Ten years of work on customer projects has brought us extensive experience and knowledge which guides us to find the most suitable technology solutions for you.


We provide creative solutions that help your company to serve and communicate with own customers in richer ways.  We believe in everyone’s creativity. We emphasize your personnel’s know-how during the ideation process. We facilitate discussions that enable members to participate actively and bring out new thoughts from their own experiences.

Our work has given us understanding how to benefit from creativity. We seek and apply ideas and knowledge efficiently into new combinations, which your company can take into use. Our approach is practical when finding solutions. We prefer proven and well understood technologies, such as web pages, online shopping and social media.

We look forward to a long-term relationship with your company. We become familiar with your way of doing business and future projects are easy to start. In addition to marketing development we offer hands-on photography service that enables your company to illustrate digital business better.


Business photography is our service for your company to improve customer experiences. Photos are useful for displaying moments, feelings and situations that viewers remember later on.

Your targets set the direction and our planning forms the actions of a photographing session. During the session we work together with you to deliver final results that fulfil your needs.

Our service is suitable for shooting products, services and personnel in your own style. We provide quality photos for improving the visual look of web pages or product catalogues in an online store.


We are technology partners, when your company needs new digital tools to improve business. We focus on learning your practises and business domain while building tools based on your ideas. Our purpose is to find solutions that are most practical and useful for your daily work.

Our development projects proceed in short and quick steps. We deliver new features in small iterations so that you can easily test them. We value active communication when working with you. As the end user you have the knowledge, what kind of tools best serve your company. Your feedback is valuable and helps us to work for your targets through the project from planning to delivery.

We always offer support, maintenance and further development for the online services we have built for you. We also provide reliable and cost efficient cloud solutions, which enable your company to focus on business while we manage the technology and infrastructure of your online services.


Our cloud solutions enable your company to deploy and use online services in a high-end infrastructure effortlessly. We offer cloud solutions based on Amazon Web Services, which is the leading provider of cloud platforms.

Our cloud services include maintenance and monitoring your online services to keep them secure, up-to-date and available at all times. With a reasonable, fixed monthly price you get a highly reliable environment for your services, and without worries about hardware failures or software and security updates.


Sales and marketing

Sales and marketing

MSc (Econ), MSc (Tech) Silja Vatunen

I’m marketing developer helping companies to communicate and serve their own customers better. My expertise is based on recent research - ideation is an effective way to develop customer experiences. I show my creativity by photographing.

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MSc(Tech) Juhana Räsänen

I’m software developer having deep and diverse experience in developing business applications. My goal is always to develop systems that best serve the customer and end user needs.

Puh. +358 40 705 9986



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